Concierge Primary Care Services

Concierge Care is Care on your side

Personal Treatment

No two patients are the same. Personalize wellness programs and care

Genetic Medicine

Genetic map-based personalized medicine and counseling


Pulmonology care is available alongside your primary care

Focused Care

Your care is focused on your need with executive level exams & direct physician access.

Concierge Primary Care Medicine

Our practice is a concierge  health care model. In our practice you become a “member” and in return you get benefits above what could be offered otherwise. Benefits include: 24/7 access – including cell phone, no-rush same-day appointments, true wellness and chronic health monitoring, executive-level physicals, and so on.   These services can be provided to you because instead of having to care for on average 2000-4000 patients, the practice is limited to approximately 400 patients with time and resources that would not be available  otherwise given the realities of independent healthcare.

Paragon Private Health is our partner and is an expert at helping physicians stay independant and manage this model of care. Their involvement ensures that the level of service is maintained and that patients are getting quality care.

Concierge Membership Features

24x7 Direct Physician Access

via cell, text, and/or video. Contact Your Doctor outside practice hours directly.

Priority Appointments

Same or Next Day Appointments

Unhurried Visits

On-time relaxed office visits with your doctor and minimal to no wait.

Executive-Level Care

An annual comprehensive executive preventive care physical examination with a modern report of key findings and recommendations.

Same Day Requests

Refill and referral requests handled same day when received during normal practice hours

Patient Portal

Secure internet patient portal with records

Help With Appointments

Assistance with appointments with sub-specialists, testing, and hospitals

Care Coordination

Coordination of care as deemed medically necessary

Wellness Plans

Personalized healthy living and wellness plans - general diet, exercise, stress relief*

Health Seminars

Free Educational health seminars and newsletter

No Fee Paperwork

Paperwork and documentation filled out by physician with no charges

Care Guidance

Enhanced support, guidance, and coordination of care during/after hospitalizations

Fast-Track Reporting

Detailed reports and information sent to consultants prior to your visit with consultant

Gold Program

Genetic Medicine and Health coaching are available through the program at an additional cost.

Genetic Based Medicine

Genetic map-based personalized medicine and counseling (Year 1) (Gold Program Only) ,

Health Coach

Health Coach (subsequent years)(Gold Program Only)

*That is, not covered by Medicare or regular private insurance